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Conversational e-Learning

Transform Company Data into Engaging eLearning

Unleash Personalised Learning with AI-powered Training Tailored to Your Data
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Boost Efficiency with AI E-Learning & Immersive Roleplays

Traditional training can be time-consuming and impersonal. AI E-Learning changes this and delivers targeted content, while immersive roleplays provide realistic practice. This combination streamlines training, improves knowledge retention, and prepares your workforce and stakeholders for real-world scenarios.

Interactive e-learning

Engaging Elearning Experiences

SkillsTeq throws out the rulebook on passive e-learning. We craft interactive experiences that learners crave using AI-powered data from your company to transform dry theory into engaging simulations. This not only keeps them hooked, but also fosters deeper understanding the topic in question.

Build the knowledge

Immersive Assessments

Say goodbye to hours spent crafting assessments! Skillsteq’s AI-powered tool generates high-quality quizzes and tests based on your existing e-learning content in just 60 seconds. Set parameters like pass marks, required questions, and track learner activity to pinpoint areas needing improvement. This innovative solution leverages your existing knowledge base to create targeted assessments, saving you valuable time and ensuring your learners are tested on the most relevant material.

Intelligent Roleplay Training

Data-Fueled Scenarios

Craft hyper-realistic roleplays based on YOUR data, ensuring situations and responses directly reflect your industry and audience. Imagine practicing sales pitches tailored to your top customer objections, or navigating service scenarios based on real-world interactions. No more one-size-fits-all training, just laser-focused skill development that drives results. Create unlimited scenarios to create a super strong team.

Sales & Customer Coaching

On-The-Spot Engagement

Unleash your inner sales champion with Skillsteq’s AI-powered sales coaching. Get instant feedback and guidance on real-time sales scenarios. Our AI analyses your query and suggests effective communication strategies, objection handling techniques, and closing tactics tailored to the specific situation. Set your training parameters to focus on specific challenges, products, or customer segments, ensuring you receive the most relevant and impactful coaching to close more deals and excel in your sales career.

Customer Experience

Phone Call Magic

Immerse yourself in hyper-realistic phone conversations powered by a dynamic AI that throws customizable objections your way, just like real customers. Practice handling tricky situations, crafting persuasive pitches, and closing deals with laser focus. This isn’t just training, it’s a baptism by fire that will ignite your confidence and transform you into a phone ninja. Launching late Q3 2024.

How It Works

eLearning Built Around Your Company

Swift eLearning Experiences

Create elearning courses in a fraction of the time using a few documents. Our AI suggests sections and modules.

Engage in continuous knowledge growth

Build knowledge by asking questions to the AI throughout the elearning course. A truly interactive learning experience.

Efficient Assessments and Quizzes

Automated creation of assessments and quizzes, saving time for instructors and providing immediate feedback to learners for continuous improvement.

Immersive Role-Play Training

Interactive role-playing scenarios that simulate real-world situations, allowing learners to practice skills and decision-making in a risk-free environment.

Seamless Live Chat Interactions

Create a range of challenging scenarios providing engagement training for Email and Live chat situations.

Private and relevant data

Our AI leverages your company's data to craft eLearning modules, assessments, role-playing scenarios, and training scenarios.


The Power of Conversational e-learning

Productivity improvements

With AI automating course production and delivery, conversational e-learning reduces training costs while maintaining high-quality learning experiences.

Interactive Engagement

Learners can ask questions and seek clarification throughout the course, fostering active participation and enhancing comprehension.

Tailored Learning Experience

Conversational e-learning leverages AI to create courses based on the client’s own data, ensuring relevance and alignment with company objectives.

Dynamic Content Updates

With AI-driven capabilities, conversational e-learning facilitates automatic updates to course content, ensuring that learners have access to the most current information at all times.

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